Hello from San Jose!

It’s been a long time and I have missed you. All is well here in Silicon Valley. The sun is shining and the leaves are falling.

The wee one is growing like a weed and attending Preschool part time. This frees up some time for me to eat, sleep, and generally be awesome.

My Triathlon group this season has been really great. We have a great Coach and for awhile our schedule was intense.

Monday-6am Swim

Tuesday-Track Run

Wednesday-6am Swim



Saturday-Bike Hill Repeats

Sunday-Run and swim

I really enjoyed it but I feel like I have a case of burn out lately. Gotta find my MOJO!

I am dealing with a small issue regarding my gallbladder. I have some tiny stones in it that give me some grief from time to time. This might be playing into my lack of motivation/energy levels. Or it is an excuse to slack off.

All in all, life is good. A family friend unexpectedly lost her son a couple days ago. You just never know how long you have in this life so my new motto is make each day count!

Just rereading some old blog posts. I seemed so motivated!! Exercise and clean eating. Hmmmmmm…..Maybe it is time to start blogging again?


Well, I guess now I’m just on cruise control. I have had no sugar,bread,flour,pasta,rice,cheese,refined anything for three weeks. If I can do it, anyone can. I am looking forward to having some toast and tea. 🙂


I have been keeping active with running,biking,hiking, and crossfit so I have been feeling good. Going to bed early has been my saving grace. Most nights I am getting 9 hours of sleep a night. This is good.


What are you guys doing for your health?




Can’t believe I have made it 14 days so far. No sugar!!! Woohoo. I am feeling fine. In the morning I feel happy to jump out of bed at 6:45am.


I am always planning my next meal, but that is nothing new for me. 


I do miss bacon. Mmmmm…bacon.


I did a hydrostatic fat test the other day. They weigh you in water and you find your percentages of lean mass/fat. Very cool. I have a little bit of work to do, but hey don’t we all?


I make homemade mayo now and it trumps any mayo you will ever buy!! Google it! Takes one minute with an immersion blender.


Also, today I made a cappuccino with homemade almond milk. Next time I might try half coconut milk and half almond. Will be more creamy. A wee bit of cinnamon on top.Yum.


Please, please do yourself a favor and make those green sliders from–> Nom Nom Paleo.com. So good.


Hope you are enjoying my short and random posts!! 😛


I think this Whole 30 thing is going pretty good. Only 22 days to go! Hopefully I don’t binge on cookies the day it is over. That would be bad.


How are you guys?


We spent the day walking around in the fallen leaves and playing in sandboxes.

Crossfit workout tonight! Time to pump some iron. 🙂



Hey there! How are you?

All is well here. A friend and I packed up our healthy lunches and headed out to the beach yesterday. It was sunny and warm by the water. Therapy. Pure therapy.


The Whole 30 is going well, I am still slaying the sugar dragon. Cravings are popping up everyday at 3pm and 8pm. Go figure. My body is used to getting some chocolate/sugar everyday at those times.


I didn’t realize how much junk food I consumed. Until I stopped. 


After four days of focusing on nutrition, I am ready to ramp up the exercise. Back to Crossfit tomorrow. Class is at noon so it gives me time to do the laundry/dishes/errands before and then sweat it out.


My bike has been looking a little sad hanging on the wall. Gotta take her out soon too-especially since the sun is still shining.


In other news, my Husband has taken up running. I can hardly believe it. I guess after losing 80 pounds, yep, you heard me, 80 pounds, the body wants to move. SO proud of him. Can’t wait to go for a family jog. That is if I can keep up!


Hope you guys have been getting out for some exercise, rain or shine!




Woke up with a killer headache today, in what I can only figure is withdrawals. From sugar I guess? Strange. I did pretty good today. I’m eating a lot of big salads with grilled chicken and  avocado. Thinking about cooking up some slow cooker meals too.


I think my kid has croup, so that is a bummer. That seal bark cough can not be ignored. 


I had coconut milk in my coffee today and it was delicious. I also like drinking it black. 


I did turn to some dried fruit for a snack today so I think I’m using that for mw sweet tooth. Better than junk food I guess.


Now I really should go, since I have been big batch cooking, every dish in my house is dirty. All I want to do is veg out on the couch. Maybe a cross fit workout tomorrow will help with energy levels. I have a twice a week membership to a local box here and love it. Lifting weights is fun.


That is if the wee one is well enough for school.


Anyhoo, I think day two is almost done. Ciao!

Good Morning!


I have started a Whole 30 today. Basically it is a diet that consists of Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and healthy fats. A couple of buddies are also doing it. Hit up Costco yesterday and easily dropped $200 bones. As I left, the guy checking my receipt said “You are eating healthy.” Ha! 


For breakfast I made poached eggs on spinach, red peppers, and onions with salsa and avocado. A snack was a monkey salad with cashews, coconut flakes, and banana slices. Very good with black coffee.


The reason I’m doing this is for health and to slay the sugar dragon that lives part time in my soul. I had my blood work done and my sugars were *way up* where they are not supposed to be. Most likely from indulging on desserts over our vacation. Yikes. Diabetes is not our friend, time to nip it in the bud now. 


If you wanna read more check out Whole9life.com—> Or just google Whole 30. 


Okay kids, until next time!

    Hello! The little one has started Preschool part time and she loves it. Phew! So glad. The teacher says she is very easy going and confident. This is good news. When she is at school, I think she imagines me at home baking all day. She requests these cookies every school day!




Another recipe I made and loved is called Buffalo Chicken Pasta. 



I have been enjoying having a little more “ME” time. I am spending my time out in the sun, hiking, biking, swimming, and running. This is the life!


Hope you guys are well. If you are still reading, how about you leave me a comment?! I need some motivation for writing.


Ciao for now!




I have not blogged in so long I forgot how to add links. Oops!






Happy Father’s Day Dad!

xox Love Jill and Isabella