Good Morning!


I have started a Whole 30 today. Basically it is a diet that consists of Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and healthy fats. A couple of buddies are also doing it. Hit up Costco yesterday and easily dropped $200 bones. As I left, the guy checking my receipt said “You are eating healthy.” Ha! 


For breakfast I made poached eggs on spinach, red peppers, and onions with salsa and avocado. A snack was a monkey salad with cashews, coconut flakes, and banana slices. Very good with black coffee.


The reason I’m doing this is for health and to slay the sugar dragon that lives part time in my soul. I had my blood work done and my sugars were *way up* where they are not supposed to be. Most likely from indulging on desserts over our vacation. Yikes. Diabetes is not our friend, time to nip it in the bud now. 


If you wanna read more check out—> Or just google Whole 30. 


Okay kids, until next time!