Woke up with a killer headache today, in what I can only figure is withdrawals. From sugar I guess? Strange. I did pretty good today. I’m eating a lot of big salads with grilled chicken and  avocado. Thinking about cooking up some slow cooker meals too.


I think my kid has croup, so that is a bummer. That seal bark cough can not be ignored. 


I had coconut milk in my coffee today and it was delicious. I also like drinking it black. 


I did turn to some dried fruit for a snack today so I think I’m using that for mw sweet tooth. Better than junk food I guess.


Now I really should go, since I have been big batch cooking, every dish in my house is dirty. All I want to do is veg out on the couch. Maybe a cross fit workout tomorrow will help with energy levels. I have a twice a week membership to a local box here and love it. Lifting weights is fun.


That is if the wee one is well enough for school.


Anyhoo, I think day two is almost done. Ciao!