Can’t believe I have made it 14 days so far. No sugar!!! Woohoo. I am feeling fine. In the morning I feel happy to jump out of bed at 6:45am.


I am always planning my next meal, but that is nothing new for me. 


I do miss bacon. Mmmmm…bacon.


I did a hydrostatic fat test the other day. They weigh you in water and you find your percentages of lean mass/fat. Very cool. I have a little bit of work to do, but hey don’t we all?


I make homemade mayo now and it trumps any mayo you will ever buy!! Google it! Takes one minute with an immersion blender.


Also, today I made a cappuccino with homemade almond milk. Next time I might try half coconut milk and half almond. Will be more creamy. A wee bit of cinnamon on top.Yum.


Please, please do yourself a favor and make those green sliders from–> Nom Nom Paleo.com. So good.


Hope you are enjoying my short and random posts!! 😛