Hey there! How are you?

All is well here. A friend and I packed up our healthy lunches and headed out to the beach yesterday. It was sunny and warm by the water. Therapy. Pure therapy.


The Whole 30 is going well, I am still slaying the sugar dragon. Cravings are popping up everyday at 3pm and 8pm. Go figure. My body is used to getting some chocolate/sugar everyday at those times.


I didn’t realize how much junk food I consumed. Until I stopped. 


After four days of focusing on nutrition, I am ready to ramp up the exercise. Back to Crossfit tomorrow. Class is at noon so it gives me time to do the laundry/dishes/errands before and then sweat it out.


My bike has been looking a little sad hanging on the wall. Gotta take her out soon too-especially since the sun is still shining.


In other news, my Husband has taken up running. I can hardly believe it. I guess after losing 80 pounds, yep, you heard me, 80 pounds, the body wants to move. SO proud of him. Can’t wait to go for a family jog. That is if I can keep up!


Hope you guys have been getting out for some exercise, rain or shine!