Good Morning!

I have made these a few times before and I am always pleasantly surprised with how filling and refreshing they are.

Rice Noodle Bowls with Crispy Tofu

One important tip. Be sure your pan is hot and ready for the tofu, don’t worry about some color on it-that is what you want. Put it in the pan and step away for a few minutes so it can crisp up. Turn on your oven fan!

Hire a child to help you dredge the tofu. And don’t forget to press the tofu first!



Colander on head is optional but really ramps up the party.
The wee one was chomping down on tofu during dinner prep, I could not make this stuff up people.

I was in the mood for some bacon too, so I also cooked up some brussels last night. Change of Pace never disappoints!

Have I gone on enough about how much I love our new neighborhood? Well, I guess after a year it is not new anymore. It only takes ten minutes to walk to the playground, and less than ten to get to the trails.



Yesterday was a big yoga day. Started out at a 6:30am class and then felt wonderful, calm and mellow all day. Then ended the day with a class at 8pm. Stretching has never felt better. I might get back into running after all, I did not know how little I was stretching before.

On my way out of the YMCA, a new flyer caught my eye. My Y is starting up a new Tri Training group this month. I am SO going to the meet and greet. YaY! Something new. Variety IS the spice of life!

Then I went home and had a black and white cookie. Okay, two. Look to the Cookie!