I have been getting up early lately, and I love it. Have my parents been right about this all along? Say it isn’t so! No wonder they never woke me up in the morning as a teenager (I slept a lot), they were enjoying the kids free silence time.
It’s nice to get some food prep and/or workouts in before the wee one wakes up. Pigs are flying somewhere.

I have been motivated lately. In the kitchen, in the exercise department, blogging, heck, even my chores. I really don’t know what has gotten in to me. I’m just rolling with it.

What have I been cooking? I thought you would never ask.

Sugar Free Banana Bread—–> YES PLEASE!


The whole fam loved this bread. No added sugar or oil! Now that is impressive. Will be putting this on the winning recipe list.


I cooked up a pot roast last night. Or maybe I should say yesterday. 10 hours in the crockpot would probably make an old shoe tender. Martha knows.

I felt all smug and stuff because since I did not have any worcestershire sauce on hand, I made my own. It was so easy.


This is going on the list too.

Do you guys ever make greek salad? It’s one of our favorites. I learned a secret for the dressing from P-Dub. Chop up some kalamata olives and add it to the dressing. Little tastes of olive goodness in every bite.


Spent the morning in the garden. It is a beautiful sunny day, so we prepped the garden to welcome some spring veggies. We took some time to admire the cauliflower.




Purple cabbagio…




We picked a big bowl of oranges, the trees are going crazy right now. Juiced them up for smoothies.


All in a day’s work.


Thanks for the new outfit G and G!

REMEMBER. An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.


Au Revoir!