Good Morning!

I finally feel like I surfaced from the Christmas time/holiday — stuff your gob and lay around mode. I knew I would snap out of it eventually but it took WAY too long this year. I have come up for air. Fitness/health/life will always have peaks and valleys. It is never all perfect at one time, you can just work towards a better you. And at the same time embrace the power of right now, you know? Okay, I’m rambling…I really don’t care–this is my blog and I can write what I want. Hey, you ARE still reading?! Right!! HA-ha.


1. Try a new exercise class, I know you have heard it all before. But really, I tried Body Pump (loved it), Body Combat (very hard), Boot Camp on a Saturday morning, and even dance aerobics with the oldies**. At that class when a lady requested that the music be turned down I knew the class was not a good fit for me. If it’s too loud you are TOO OLD. 😛

2. Pick a new activity–Okay, hiking is not entirely new to me but lately I have really been hitting the trails. I am happy to report that my Husband also has a love for the trails. It’s so nice to share a hobby and keep fit at the same time. You should see Mikey carry the wee one in the hiking backpack. A very strong Man, indeed.

3. Last but not least–Clean up your diet. Yes, I drink green smoothies and eat tofu but sometimes sugar takes over, and beer, and chips–etc.etc. Be mindful about what you eat. Burn clean fuel people. I made date sweetened oatmeal this morning with banana and sun butter and I really feel like a million bones right now. I am loving MYFITNESSPAL. If you are not using it, get on that—it’s a free app to log your schizzel. Do it! 🙂 If you do we can be “friends” on there and support each other through the hotdogs.
Oh and drink up that water!! Put some lemon and cucumber in it for fun.

Also, since this is my blog and I can cry if I want to, I have to tell you about my new toy. A fit bit zip. My Hubby brought this home to me the other day for a surprise and it is so cool that he bought one for himself too. Check it out.


And a couple more things–just for fun. I bought some new eyeshadow and lipstick the other day based on a suggestion from the inter webs. Great stuff, I love it. The eyeshadow stays looking fresh for a long time, except after my kid splashed me during bath time. The lip butter is smooth, silky, and does not cake.

Dinner last night was inspired by a running magazine.


One of my favorite simple pleasures in the whole wide world is this. You read a new recipe and you have all of the ingredients in your pantry/freezer already. It was fate. I was MEANT to make this for dinner last night. Have y’all tried smoked paprika? If not you should get some. If you do you can make this soup that my MIL loves—>SOUP


Pictured above is the wee one with “Homemade Juice” a.k.a One whoopee cushion with a dash of a kazoo.

On a sappy and cute side note–I asked Isabella what she was thankful for and she replied “I’m thankful for love.”

Is that not the cutest thing ever? Either that or it makes you throw up in your mouth a bit. Either or, cheerio! Stay classy!

Off to hit the trails with the gals.

** By oldies I mean just add 20 years to whatever age you are now, it’s all relative people.