The garden is planted!

Our tomato plants finally coughed up the last few juicy orange globes so it was time to clear them out. It was a teachable moment, we learned about roots. I had no idea how fun it was to garden with a two year old. She has skills! The wee one is very thoughtful about walking around (not on) the new plants and loves to water them.

Our green pepper plant is still producing beautiful heart shaped peppers. Very tasty too, not bitter at all. Isabella eats ’em right off the plant-dirt included! 🙂

We were busy yesterday planting up a storm, or should I say planting up a sun?

We tended to our—

walla walla onions
leeks-from seeds!
a ceramic platypus also lives in our garden now
and more I’m probably forgetting.

It was so encouraging to have everything (tomatoes,lettuce,green peppers,and cucumbers) grow last time, I’m hoping for similar success.

I will have to capture some kodak moments out there. The wee one loves to go and get covered from head to toe in dirt. Yesterday, when her Mama and Dada were not looking she proceeded to stomp right in through the house leaving a little mud trail behind like only pigpen could do.

Good thing dirt washes off…

To the garden! I say! 🙂

This weekend I’m looking forward to attending The Foodbuzz Festival in San Fran. Can’t wait to eat my heart out, meet some new friends and see my pal Beth. Thanks again Beth for the invite.

As for today, I took the time to do some meal planning while the girl napped. Meal planning is hit or miss with me but usually miss. Took some inspiration from Change of Pace. Since I am no longer vegetarian anymore my recipes have been evolving. It was a good run for about 1.5 years but really isn’t everything just better with bacon. My friend Kirstin would disagree. 🙂

Anyhoo, hope you guys are having a good week! Ciao.

Washing rocks in a fountain on a foggy day in San Jose. Don’t worry, that was this morning, it is sunny now! 🙂