Good Morning! Blogging before 7am, this is new. How did I find myself here? A morning person? I have always heard that when you age it is likely one becomes more of an early bird. Could this be true?

Twas a wonderful sunny weekend in Victoria, B.C this past weekend. Sunshine in October is VERY special in Victoria. The fields near my In-Laws were brimming with happy orange pumpkins patiently waiting to be picked off the vine by some eager child who is not yet jaded and bitter from the world chewing then up and spitting them out. I kid.

I travelled with my pal Brenda who proves to be a good match for me. Isn’t that a true test of a friend or relative? Travel with them and if you are still friends at the trip’s end then you have found a fellow kindred spirit. P.S. Sorry for waking you up on race morning with my singing B! Now you know to bring earplugs! 🙂 Wait a minute….Why isn’t she answering my calls?

Anyhoo, the run? You want to know about it? Okay then. My pal had a wonderful run. She enjoyed seeing the sites and the ideal weather. She enjoyed thinking about memories of her Grandparents on a past trip to Victoria many moons ago while the miles clicked by.

My run was destined for another path, but I must say walking is VERY good exercise. Even though I walked more than I expected due to an unforeseen circumstance (READ: Who put that sharp knife in my knee while running?) I learned a lot about great expectations, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and being grateful for what your body can or cannot do at any given time. Or maybe it was Karma. Note to self—NEVER tell your pal at mile 4 that you can’t wait until mile 7 to start passing everyone. This will bite you in the A#$. 🙂

It was a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends, wine, shopping and expertly cooked turkey. I can’t wait to go back. Oh and if you are reading Auntie Cee, those figs were OFF the HOOK! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing the bounty.

Want to see a picture of me? Okay.

It was incredibly uplifting to see Auntie Tanya at a point when it was very hard to keep going.

More shots of the weekend.

A pretty girl, fresh bellinis and The Empress…need I say more?

The sun goes down at the end of the day.

Took B to rebar twice. Fave all time restaurant ever!

Sometimes if you tell yourself everything is going to be A-okay, it will be.