Happy September!

Where did the summer go? It’s still sunny here in San Jose, but I did see a rain drop today! Isabella was asking about all the clouds today? πŸ™‚

We had our first family camping trip this past weekend. We went with 6 other families to Lake Chabot, a bit North of here. It was fun! The wee one loved it and we squeezed in some hiking too.

Saw a big a@# spider!

Who brings real glassware camping? I for one had a green plastic tumbler….

Isabella still loves the hiking backpack, although 30 pounds of pure love is getting more challenging to haul.

Ever since investing in a helmet we have been racking up the miles.

And we have been balancing out all of this outdoor activity with good old fashioned T.V.

Well, Netflix actually…..

Only time I can get ponytails in….then she pulls them out after the cartoons are off…Grrrrr! πŸ™‚ Sound familiar Mom?

Anyhoo, Mikey is recovering from a cold and I strained my neck the other day so we are both going to the dogs. WOOF! I think it is just our bodies telling us 2 relax a little…

How r u guys? πŸ™‚

10km race coming up this weekend!! Looking forward to the shorter distance. Our long runs have been 10 miles as of late. YIKES.

Our friend Eric is getting married in Hawaii this March–you know what that means–To the beach Baby!!

xox Ciao for now