The weather has been stellar here and by stellar, I mean-HOT!
It is so nice to have the IN-LAWS here visiting this past week.

We had a wonderful time in SF at Mona Lisa. A great place for Italian food.

The yard has never looked better after Papa got at it with the shears. I swear he should have been a barber. Papa, it’s not too late!

Granny smith apples to boot!

Papa climbed the apple tree to get his prune on.
Granmere said “I don’t think our insurance will cover you if you fall.”
Isabella said “Who-Who-Hee-Hee, Papa is a monkey”.
Either way it was a funny sight to see. I think the fact that he borrowed Mikey’s mean shoes helped him stay put-MORE surface area?.

It’s not all fun and games around here. Isabella washed Granmere’s car! She is showing signs of close attention to detail that would make her Daddy proud.

Strawberries are growing.

Today we went on a mini hike to a nearby ranch/county park and saw some Turtles.


Well, hello there cutie!

Hello Mr.Red dragon fly. Say hello to your Mother for me.

Walking back home in size 7 blue sneakers.

Nap time!