I see a pattern here. Mikey likes to drive, so drive we did.

We made it to Pinnacles National State Monument. What a cool place to hike. Huge rock faces and bat caves.

The hike was about an hour and a half long. There was one part where Mikey had to scootch on his butt under huge rocks–I was yelling No! No! Let’s turn around, but my brave Hubby kept on going. So I followed. πŸ™‚

Isabella was so happy (actually one of her sayings is “Me Happy”) to stay in the backpack the whole time. Even when we stopped by the water!!

Post Hike Food

–Three Bean Salad
–Corn on the Cob
–Veggie Straws
–Orzo and peas
–Sugar cookie for the wee one

Rewind to earlier this morning–my friend B and I ran almost 7 miles around the lake. I slacked off a bit on the running front last week. Slept in!!!
Today was a new day and we had a great run. We will continue our half plan and incorporate speed and hill work. Only 3 months until the Half Marathon in Victoria. Weeeee!!!

Did I tell you guys about MYFITNESSPAL yet? I use an app on the iPhone to track nutrition and exercise. Also keeps track of water consumption. Kinda fun. I can even see what my friend is eating for breakfast!! A good way to stay on track.

Time to kick back and watch some Olympic Trials.

Bye 4 now.