Hopped in the blue bomber today for a road trip.

Now that is a sweet ride! πŸ™‚ We were almost going to sell it but rekindled our love for it on this drive today…

17 Mile Drive

Where’s the beach?

Lifeguards! Just like BayWatch.

Picnic at the beach. Mikey made a yummy salad with whole wheat rotini, black olives, and sun dried tomatoes. πŸ™‚

Why is my hand creepily clawing at my kid’s curls? πŸ˜›

Iceberg straight ahead!

Kite watching was fun.

The ocean IS my home.

The weekend comes to an end now. It was a good one. Saw Sarah Silverman with my buddy and had a few good laughs and some vino.

Ran 6 miles today. We are slowly starting to build up our mileage for the half in October/November. My IT band feels a bit sore but I think it will be okay with ice.

Spent way too much moola at Costco but stocked up on essentials like


Vegetarian Update

Just in case anyone cared, It has been 1.5 years sans meat/poultry/seafood or anything that had a Mother in my diet.***
Lately, as in this month I have found myself wanting to eat seafood. So I had a fish taco the other night and it was AWESOME. I bought some wild halibut and wild sockeye and am looking forward to having something different for a lean protein. I guess there is some name for vegetarians who eat seafood? Alas, I don’t really care about the label. I’m just trying to eat healthily and consciously.

Besides, if my parents love me more that 1000000 Sockeye, then that fish must be okay? πŸ™‚

My cookie addiction, that is another blog post where I blame Sesame Street and the creation of Cookie Monster…

*** A couple times I went along with what I call Grandma’s rules ala Anthony Bourdain. When you are at Grandma’s house you eat Grandma’s food and don’t complain. I did have a turkey sandwich at my Grandma’s house because of the aforementioned rule.