1) I planted a garden! In the mix is lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and basil. Now to keep everything alive.



Almost all planted, need to get a new hose stat!

2) Joined a Mom’s group in the new hood. I met a super duper nice gal (while out for a walk) in a church parking lot on my street and we hit it off. You never know when you are going to make a new friend. She told me about the group.

3) Isabella received her first bicycle in the mail the other day. What a great present Uncle Cam and Auntie Tanya! She loves it.

4) Joined the local YMCA and started lifting weights. I have been a couple times now and I like what I see. They even have a place where you drop the kid off —>sah-weet!

5) Had our deck sanded/stained and a railing/step built so the kids would not fall off of it. It looks great.

6) Made a new Sangria recipe this weekend that was OFF THE HOOK!

7) My brother is getting married in 12 days! Woohoo! Can’t wait to have the whole fam together again.

8) Going to a Mushroom Festival this weekend in Morgan Hill. Don’t worry Mom, it’s drug free.

9) Booked plane tickets for October Half in Victoria. Now to get serious about the training.

10) My fave drink right now is iced coffee, the weather has been warm and it is a great pick me up when you stay up late reading/watching TV/surfing the net. ***

** Hey Chrissy, recognize the HULA girl you picked me up in Hawaii many years ago? She still is proudly doing her thing in my kitchen daily! 🙂