Hey. Hello. How are you?

My friend Jen came to visit today from Santa Cruz. We always have fun hanging around. Today we discussed garden plans, went for coffee and had a nice lunch. She offered to be my garden consultant/helper. Now that is a good idea.

Lavender smells pretty, thanks again Jen.

I still have a lot of unpacking to do. Putting my clothes away will be helpful too. As I type/procrastinate my wardrobe is currently overflowing from suitcases on the bedroom floor. Not good. Where is my clean underwear???

In other news there is a 24 hr fitness gym in the hood that looks promising. It has a lap pool and a basketball court. Not sure if I’m a gym person but I might try it since they have childcare on site.

Time for pasta and peas with salad. A late dinner. I might even watch TV since we have it now! If I can figure out how to turn it on that is. I wish I was joking.

Oh and one more thing…The wee one is starting to talk! Yep, her vocab includes no,yes,people,ball,Momma,Dadda,Poppa,and others….I guess the silence is broken. I’m doomed! 🙂

Have a good Thursday.