Went to the track tonight instead of this morning. I loved the night run. Brought me back to my good ol’ Victoria Days when cousin “T” and I ran with Frontrunners. In my past life.

It was super busy there. There are lights too, so you can see where you are going.

Before I ran off my thin mints for the day, we visited our soon to be home.

New floor.

New baseboards.

Only 5 more sleeps.

Oh, I have a driver now you know.

Everything she learned, she learned from her Father.

Time for some cucumber and eggplant hummus. Maybe a cup of tea.


Gotta rest up for race day. On Thursday I am going in a 4 mile race. It starts at 645am in the morning! So what if I am the race director and there are only two runners competing. My goals for the race are as follows…

Start off super slow to obtain a negative split

No walking breaks

Finish the race feeling good

I had a chance to size up the competition, and my gut tells me I’m gonna get a run for my money.