Good day folks!

A trail run is a great way to start a Sunday.

It has been awhile since I have hit the trails for a Sunday run. The weather was perfect. Sunny but not too hot. We made our way on to a neat trail through the bushes a wee bit…

I see you Brenda! 🙂

There were a lot of steep parts mixed in with some flat. A nice combination. Just had to hike up some hills. Good training for Muddy Buddy. 7 months away!

I was pooped afterwards, I forgot how much trail running takes it out of you. Now it is time to pack. The more boxes we can get ready the better for next week.
Fun, fun, fun.

First I must refuel with Kale Slaw-love that stuff. And a glass of chocolate almond milk. Burp! :9

Love that little yummy face—> :9 Stole it from Jen. Wonder how the move is going in Santa Cruz today? I hopped over there yesterday to lend a hand. Hope you guys are done soon!