Looks like I have been collecting cute photos of the little one on the camera. Might as well share them with you Guys, I know how you ALL love to see pictures of my child. Who wouldn’t? Don’t answer that!

It has been a fun Winter with Birthday parties, hanging around and boycotting the high chair.

“And another thing!!”

Coding together.

Taking over the world!

Wanna see the wee ones new room color?

Here is a sneak peek…

Also the hall closet has been obliterated and prepped for it’s newest tenants.

Everything is coming along nicely. We picked some more colors and now it just needs to be thrown on the wall. 🙂

REWIND to this morning. I met my friend Brenda. Hi Brenda! We did a 4 miler and stair repeats.We beat the rain! Our plan is to make our 4 mile runs strong and then build up mileage after that. The stairs were my idea. For Sunday? Be afraid Brenda–be very afraid! 😛

I can’t believe how much more energy I have on my run days. WOW! When I don’t run, I’m always tired and take a nap. On my run days I mostly blog and chill out/do chores while the wee one naps. Big difference. Must be endorphins?

See ya.