Hello! I had a wonderful visit with my friend Sarah from Canada. We covered a lot of ground. Our adventures included the following——> Play time at the park
Pizza in Los Gatos
Day trip to SF via Caltrain
Baked cookies
Day trip to Santa Cruz a.k.a THE BEACH
A wee bit of shopping
Yoga at the Y
Turbo Kick Boxing at the Y
Cups of tea chatting
Sushi Dinner
Sarah baby sat for us and changed a poopy diaper πŸ™‚ That is
And much,much,more! πŸ™‚

Oatmeal, coconut, and brown rice crisp cookies are very good with tea.

The train to SF went by fast, we found it very relaxing. So nice of Mikey to take the kid so we could get away for a bit.

We caught a bike cab to Fisherman’s Wharf, our dogs were barking!

We drank 2 dollar wine.

Sushi time.

We spent our last day together at the beach. So nice to meet up with my friend Jen. Canadian power! πŸ™‚

The alarm went off this morning at 7am. It was time for my Sunday run with Brenda. Getting out of bed is sooo hard. I have never been a morning person but I know it is better for me to just do it. I’m sooo glad I did –afterwards I felt like a million bucks. If I could only remember this before. Hmmm…

We ran on a new trail and I enjoyed having a little variety. Since I was a good girl, Brenda offered me some of her citrus post run. Best oranges I have ever had!!

At this point Brenda had her feet up sipping coffee while Little C mowed the lawn and I picked oranges. A little help Brenda!!?? HAHA..

Do these pants make my butt look FAST!!???

Here I am saying MOOOOOO! No, really. Animal sounds get kids to look up. It works.

See? If you don’t Moo then you can’t see the cutie.

So it was a busy fun filled week. Just had lunch and tea with a friend in from London and as soon as the baby wakes up we are doing a walk through of our new place. Excited to have a little look again. The seller is out and we are so ready to move in. Well, I just need to think about packing.

Happy Sunday!