Today is a good day. Any day that includes FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGES is a very good day indeed. Juice for everyone! Thanks to Brenda for sharing.

The day started at 6am. Sure I pushed my snooze button five times, but that is besides the point. I.Got.Out.Of.Bed. That is what matters.  Track day is one of my fave runs with my buddy Brenda. We even ran the bleachers. That is the most fun part! Trust me, the getting out of bed is the hardest part of the whole workout.


I had a bit of a spring in my step today after our run, so I decided to take the wee one for a walk to The British Shop and score some TWIRL choco bars before they close down. This shop has been closing for weeks so I thought I better hurry. What, to my dismay when we arrived the doors were locked, it was dark inside! Nooooooooooo! I need british candy bars. SIGH. 


I did stop in at BIG LOTS to pick up some triscuits, Bob’s Red Mill soup mix, whole wheat gnocchi and pasta. I have never been in there before. Everything was a buck! Pretty much the opposite of WF. Zero ambiance and crappy service, hence the low prices. I was looking for kodiak pancake mix because I heard a blog rumor that they sold them there. No luck.


Came home and squeezed some juice. I don’t usually give the wee one juice, so this was a real treat. I figured freshly squeezed is as good as it gets. She devoured it.

Learning not to eat the rind!


This weekend we have two birthday parties to attend! My social calendar has never been so full.


Only 3 more sleeps until my friend Meems visits. Hopefully we can sneak off to The City one day for a girls get away sans the wee one if the Hubs can man the fort. That would be fun.


What are you guys doing today? Working? Running? Biking? Squeezing citrus fruits? Eating Candy bars? 

Whatever it is that you are doing I hope you are enjoying it.


~We are here for a good time not a long time.