Chopping wooden fruit is more fun with a friend.

Made a Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna last night adapted from this recipe. Next time I will add more saucy sauce because I think it needed it. I usually use two jars of marinara but this time gapped out. It was still yummy, just not super yummy. Lasagna is better with ricotta too, IMHO.

We had a relaxing morning here. Sipped espresso. Ate fruit salad. Munched on toast with peanut butter and honey.

This wee one can gobble berries faster than you can say RUMPLESTILTSKIN!

Mathilda started to complain that her coffee was getting cold because her arms are short.

So I helped the girl out.

Then promptly returned to my plate.

Slept in this am for my run. 😦 My friend and I wimped out! Oops…Oh well back at er on Thursday morning.

Yams are a roasting as I type and I may concoct this Kale gem tonight.

For now I am sitting back relaxing with a big ‘ol glass of water. Hopefully it will help erase the half bag of Newman O’s I polished last night whilst watching The Big Bang Theory. Whoops. The cookie monster lives on.