Hey guys. What’s going on?

I had a busy day in the kitchen today. Do you think I remembered to take photos–oops! You just have to close your eyes and imagine the beauty.

Mikey and I went to a Las Madres playdate/food bank fundraiser this afternoon. We brought my favorite cookies of all time. Everyone who attended donated money for baked goods and coffee.

What cookie? THIS COOKIE!

It was a fun get together that had us juggling oranges in the backyard. Now that’s a party! 😛

I also had to restock my lentil soup supply today. I need to have this in the freezer ready for lunches. The wee one loves it topped with avocado. You wonder what goes in the soup? This!
Sometimes I put a handful or orzo in too, just for good luck.

I used all dried herbs and regular paprika this time. I do wanna pick up some smoked paprika, it seems to be in a lot of recipes I’m reading right now. Has anyone tried it?

After all the cookies and soup, it was time for some pasta. I made an Italian Tofuball that was worth writing home about. Mikey loved them! He comes from Italian blood, so these must be good!

I’m tired from slaving away in the kitchen all day. Tomorrow will be an outside day starting at 8am on the track for a run then maybe a hike in the trails in the afternoon.


I stole this idea from my cousin “T”. Invest in two whiteboards. One for freezer contents and one for fridge contents. Much easier to glance at the board and know what you have instantly instead of peering in with the doors wide open wondering what all the tupperwares are filled with. I find this really reduces food wastage and makes grocery shopping more efficient.

Toddler friendly food ideas*****

Veggie soup with lentils and pasta
Cheese Strings and crackers
Pancakes cut into strips for syrup dipping
Veggie fried rice
Pasta salad
Scrambled eggs
Smoothies with spinach
Mixed dried cereal
Roasted root veggies
Mashed potatoes
Mixed bean salad
Cottage cheese
PB and J sandwich
Cream cheese and jam sandwich
Miso soup with tofu

In other news, my pal Meems is coming for a visit this month. It will be her first time in Silicon Valley and I can’t wait to show her the sites.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend. See ya later.