Hello there! No word yet on the house front. I guess it is time to wait.

Cooked up some Thai veggie burgers last night.

They had some interesting ingredients like cilantro, broccoli and peanut butter! They turned out really well. I wish I had teriyaki sauce for them though, that would have been even more yummy.
Mikey loved them.

Had them with some red pepper and broccoli slaw. Made some dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce, agave nectar and canola oil. Topped with peanuts.

The almost 2 year old? She liked the carrot shreds the best, eaten with tongs. Go figure.

Cooked up a HUGE batch of veggie soup today. I like to have a few portions in the freezer ready to go at a moments notice for when hunger strikes. So easy to make with pantry essentials. Just veggies, pasta and beans—then voila —a soup masterpiece.

Just had a wee bit of coffee ice cream, it hit the spot. Might whip up a decaf espresso and call it a night.