Yesterday I woke up feeling under the weather. Luckily the Husband was working an earlier shift so he could come home and hang with the girl while I moped around. Magically today I am feeling a bit better so I sprung out of bed at 5:30am and donned my run/bike clothes for class.

Today we did an hour of spinning followed by some laps of the track and a Rocky style bleacher/stair run. I have to admit I felt pretty hardcore–have you ever ran up stairs? It makes you feel like Rocky!
Then we finished up with push ups (very challenging for me) and side planks. I had a blast. So much fun to change up the workout. The next one will be running then swimming.

The instructors are very encouraging. A very positive bunch.

No news yet on the house front. Patience is a virtue? Hopefully we will know something today and we can celebrate or move on and keep looking.

Things I’m looking forward to…

My friend Jen is coming from Santa Cruz to hang out tomorrow and then we are making the Men dinner. Yes-very 1950’s housewives of us, I know.

Hanging at the park tomorrow with a new friend. She has a boy Isabella’s age so they can chase each other around.

A quiet and relaxing weekend, maybe I will ask my friend to babysitt so Mikey and I can go out on a date.

Hope you guys are doing well, there has been frost on the ground here the last couple days. Makes it feel like home. I guess this is home. Home is where the heart is.