Hello there! How are you guys? I’m fine, thanks for asking!

Wanna know what has been going on? That’s why you come here, right?

Oh it’s for the cute pictures of Isabella…right,right.

I started my Triathlon training through the community centre here. I’m so happy I took some swim/lap swimming lessons last month. Brushing up on swimming was a very smart idea, so I don’t feel like a total NOOB in the pool. It helped. We meet three times a week for a month. Some peeps just take it every month to stay in shape or cross train for running.

Session #1

20 minute bike warm up

40 minute lower body gym circuit

Planks for core

Freestyle laps

I was so exhilarated after this workout it was like having a running high, but I guess it was a swimmer’s high. Endorphins are good. Mikey had breakfast ready for me afterwards, now if that doesn’t make him Hubby of the year….

Session #2

This was today.

1.5 hours in the pool!

Freestyle, kick boarding, and pull drills

Talk about a hardcore workout. I had to cut it down a bit, a modification per say since I didn’t feel like drowning of fatigue today.

I had such a great time. Sarah, a friend of mine is doing this training as well –she also happens to be my real estate agent.

SPEAKING of real estate– We have found a couple places that we really like and we are hoping something works out this week. Our fingers are crossed that we can seal the deal on one and start settling down! Did ya hear that Ma and Pa-I’m settling down :). No more babies though, they poop a lot.

What else, hmmmm..I’m coming up on my ONE year vegetarian anniversary. Do vegetarians celebrate that kinda thing? Eh, why not. Maybe I will have a glass of sparkling wine. πŸ˜› Haha–I am happy with my decision and am still going strong although I am not the veggie police by any means. I really don’t think we need labels for our diet and prefer to just say plant based. Since at any given time I eat what I want… but to be honest I have not wanted to eat any meat. Go figure. Just becomes a habit I guess. Besides, the money I save not buying meat I can put towards important things like CHOCOLATE!!!
And just remember, marshmallows have Mothers.

I made a really good apple pancake the other day from my Friend Jen’s blog. Check it out! Click here.

I bet it would work with whole wheat flour and oats too, Jen have you tried that?

Jen is a fellow Canadian. We have to bond together down here! πŸ™‚ We have only met in person twice but it feels like we have known each other for longer–gotta love that, right! I love meeting new people. Everyone is a stranger until you meet them. Or is it stranger danger. Whatever.

Time to stop my typing diarrhea and have a cat nap before the wee one wakes up.

I think I hear her now-DOH! I missed my window. For the sake of the blog. Looks like it will be coffee instead.


Diarrhea is a really hard word to spell. That is all.