In honor of US Thanksgiving I am cooking up something yummy. I have an older cousin Tara, who is not only older but much, much wiser than I. 🙂
She told me that she merged two recipes together and concocted one dish. A sort of concept dish. This sounded very exciting to me.

Chili meets Shephard’s Pie. *

Have you ever made any of Heidi Swanson’s recipes? If not, you should, she is an inspiring cook. She is the mind behind 101 Cookbooks. I took her chili recipe and combined it with a recipe from EAT magazine. So I guess this is an American/Canadian blend 🙂 I forgot how much I love Shepherd’s Pie. A comfort food for sure. I have been wanting to try Farro too, so this hybrid is perfect.

It is still bubbling away on the stove but from what I have sampled it is gonna be very,very, yummy. Once the chili is done I will lather on the luscious mashed potatoes and top with cheese. Bake it up and voila-there you have it. I’m serving it with mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce. Getting hungry yet?

Snack of the day—-
Peanut butter and jam on a leftover pancake…..mmmmm

Izzy-Bella and one of her dollies Lucy trying to escape the backyard-BUSTED!

* No turkeys or lambs were harmed in the making of this Pie. 🙂