The weather has been glorious the last few days, well all year really, and we have been enjoying the crispness of less than 80 degree temps.

Our days have been filled with running around at the park, concocting kitchen creations and story reading.

A good life, no?

We have been busy keeping an eye on the real estate market. Buying a house is no easy task, especially with a little one in tow. I’m feeling confident we will find the right home soon. Isn’t that what the SECRET says?? Ha!

Yesterday, Isabella and I blended up some hummus and baked muffins. She LOVED sitting up on the counter and smelling every spice in the cupboard, twice.

Maybe the next top chef?

A fritatta or two may have been broiled. Mmmm…goat cheese. πŸ™‚

Oh– did I mention cleaning out the fridge is one of Isabella’s favorite chores?

To each their own.

My fridge has never been so spotless.