It’s no secret that I have a killer sweet tooth. I blame it on my Mom and Dad. Why not? Who else am I to blame? 🙂

Last night I made some cookies.

Wanna see the recipe? Click here.

Last week I made these. Click here.

This is another variation that looks delectable.

Vegan or not, I love chocolate chip cookies.

This one will always be my fave. BEST COOKIE EVER HERE.

What? Go pour a glass of milk people.

I’m off to hit up the pool tonight with my gal pal if my hard working Hubby ever gets home.

He bought me a new 4S iPhone today so I can’t be mad. Presents buy my happiness.

I’m just a material girl.

8 miles on the docket for the am. We can do it Brenda! 🙂

After all of that cookie talk I am in need of a good run.