Hello! Good to see you again.

I took 7 glorious days off of running, boot camp, hiking–everything. I was feeling like I needed a rest and it was awesome. I was more than ready to get back out there today.

Today started out with an early morning (645am) track workout. It was so fun. This is what we did.

A 400m walking lap


2 x 400m warm up run

3 x 400m running a faster pace than usual (2:07 minutes per lap)

Walked to recover in between faster laps

2 x 400m cool down run

A 400m walking lap

5 minute abs and stretch with planks

12 laps total= 3 miles

Thank goodness for my run partner Brenda. So much better than being a loner. 😛

Brenda even printed out a handy dandy run calendar for my fridge! 🙂

I really enjoyed getting back on the track, it has been a couple of years. It made me nostalgic of FRONTRUNNERS and my first run group/partner Tara.

My plan is to do a track workout each week in preparation for the Big Sur Half on November 20th. That alongside hills and long runs.

I was feeling homesick today. This happens sometimes when you live in another Country from your peeps. Sometimes I wish I could just get beemed back in some kind of sci-fi type transport. Sigh. C’est la vie. I fantasize about my friends/fam back home just popping in for a visit sometimes. Alas, my brother and his girl will be here soon to visit. Only 9 more sleeps.

On a lighter note, guess who wants to wear her new bear backpack everywhere!

Mikey has been keeping busy with work and lego.

Anyone who can spend 30 hours building lego is patient enough to have married me! 🙂

Back to Boot Camp tomorrow!

May you all sleep as well as a baby in a backpack tonight!

Nighty night!