I know my last post was all–let’s run fast at the track– but I decided after having a mediocre 5 mile run yesterday to take a break from running. Just for a few days or a week. Just enough to make me excited about it again. I think I was a wee bit burnt out. Usually today I would go to bootcamp but instead I took the girl to an awesome water park with some new friends. Sometimes rest is under rated. There is always the bike! 🙂 And yoga!

She had a grand time and is now sleeping soundly.

I am enjoying a salad.

Salad greens
Olive tapenade
Yellow pepper
Pumpkin seeds for iron!
Cherry tomatoes grown in Reno by our friend
cottage cheese
Mt. Tam cheese
Red pepper jelly
Olive oil
and lots love 🙂

Alongside a large drink of water…

Did I mention that one of my Brudder’s is coming! Yep-him and his women. Can’t wait to see them here in San Jose. I love having visitors.

I might go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes tomorrow.
Have you guys seen it?