Time to try something new.

I have been wanting to do some running at the track and next week I am going to start. My plan is to incorporate some speed work and hills into my regular training.

The Big Sur Half is only about 2 months away!

Here is my plan.

4-6 laps of the track at a speedy pace (for me) with jog/walking laps in between for recovery.

I would like to have Tuesdays be a track day, Thursday for hills and Sundays for my long run.

What do you think Brenda? 😛

I’m happy that there is a track quite close to here. I could probably even run there…Hmm..maybe.

Tomorrow I will be running in Mountain View. Will be fun to meet up with my peeps.

I think I will go get a big drink of water right now. Why don’t you get one too? Yes, I’m talking to you!

Keep hydrated people!

In other active news I signed up for some swim/lap lessons next month. Swimming scares me a bit since I never do it. I think it is good to squash your fears.

In December I signed up for a Tri training session. Just thought I would spice up the training a bit. I think it is important to change up your routines every once in awhile.

It’s good to surprise your body. Use it or lose it!

New recipe to try…
Baked Ziti. My Husband mentioned that he would like to have this for dinner sometime. I made it the other night. Turned out tasty. Not as creamy as I was expecting, but satisfying nonetheless. Washed it down with some red wine and voila-dinner!

We tried a new trail today. It was lovely. Nestled in Woodside. After our hike we tried a new place for lunch. My friend Robin always knows where to go. Robert’s Market did not disappoint, even if the seats were scarce.

Whether it be a new recipe or a new exercise **remember** to TRI something new every now and then. Your brain will like it.