I met Canadian vegan athlete Brendan Brazier tonight and heard him speak about a plant based diet and the benefits that go along with that. It was a free seminar put on by Whole Foods in Cupertino.

Can’t wait to pick up his newest book. It has 200 new recipes in it! I was sad that they did not have them in store yet, especially because when I arrived there I realized that I had forgotten my wallet and drove ALL the way home to fetch it. I wanted to get a new book for Brendan to sign. 😦

The talk was held outside and some guy passed out because of the heat. He should have drank Vega. Luckily Natasha was there to call it in.

After the talk we got to sample a few Vega products. I might pick up a few of the sample size packets in order to narrow it down to my faves.
A fun time was had at one of my all time favorite places, the grocery store. 🙂

Speaking of vegetables…

I just watched Forks Over Knives the other night. I liked it. Not the average fear mongering type Documentary that shows helpless animals suffering, but informative and entertaining. Check it out if you or someone you know is thinking about moving towards a more plant based diet.
Your mind and body will thank you.

That is all.
Good Night.