Sointula is an isolated village on Malcolm Island in British Columbia, Canada. It lies between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland, northeast of Port McNeill and not far from Alert Bay.

This is where my Granny lives.

The morning fog was as thick as vegetarian pea soup.

You must get there by boat or plane.

It is a special place. To me. To a lot of people. To my Granny.

My Mom and Granny before we left the island.

Sointula is a place where they dig trenches in the ground and smoke their fish for lunch!

For rizzle people, for rizzle.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I had a great trip. Me and my Mom went for a couple of days. It was a wonderful time and a great way to have a forced media fast. If ya know what I mean.

On my way back South I got to see a few of my favorite people.

Tara and I with matching clothing. Some things never change.

And baby Miles. I was so happy to be able to see him.

Sadly, I could not visit everyone on my favorite people list. You all know who you are.

C’est la vie.