Whoever said that ***you don’t make friends with salad was very wrong. I would make friends, I could make friends with this salad.

This cornucopia of delights had Mt. Tam cheese on it. Yes, you know you love it Beth! This cheese is goooood. I have nothing else to say about that. It’s personal.

I was inspired to put radishes in my salad from a recent visit to my Grandmother’s house. Yes, just like Little Red Riding Hood I got away scott free. Phew.

And you know what? Hummus. That’s what. It is a great salad topper. I drizzled a wee bit of balsamic and oil on it too. I am a rebel without a cause. Both my Mom and MIL make a mean Hummus. Never tried it? Get out that blender and do it!

***I think The Simpson’s said this statement.