Inspired by Beth

Last five people I talked to on the phone:

My Mom
My Husband
My Father In Law

Last five meals I ate:

Pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes
Kodiak cakes with almond butter and yogurt
Gnocchi and marinara sauce
Veggie Fajitas

Last five places I’ve traveled:

San Fran, CA
Victoria, B.C
Powell River, B.C
Vancouver, B.C
Victoria, B.C

Next five places I go:

Healdsburg, CA for half marathon
Russian River Valley for a romantic getaway
Victoria B.C
Sointula, B.C to visit Granny
Cumberland, B.C

Last five workouts:

2 miles running (yesterday) Taper before the race!
3 mile run (Tuesday)
7 mile run (Sunday)
Boot Camp (Friday)
Boot Camp (Monday)

Five things making me happy right now:

Reading a GOOD book called A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (It’s Fiction, Ma!)
We are going swimming today.
Getting excited for the half.
My Mom is coming to visit.
Mikey and I are going away together for a weekend!