Hey! Wassup?

It was a fun filled Birthday weekend. I turned 32, sprouted a few more grey hairs and hung out with friends and fam. Dolce Vita!

Sadly, you are unable to view any of my pictures, oh and they are good ones, since my puter has not been cleared out yet. Where is my Apple tech guy when I need him!? πŸ˜›

I guess I could buy an external hard drive and do it myself…right?
Yes…I will fix it myself. I am women hear me roar.

Until then all you get is me blathering on about nothing. Lucky you.

This morning I had a wonderful 8 mile run with a couple of my peeps and then spent the ENTIRE day in SF with the girls. My lovely Husband took charge of the girl and had fun doing it while I jumped the train to The City for some much needed girl time. How many times can one say girl in one paragraph. GIRL!! πŸ™‚

Rewind to yesterday–we started the day out right with a hike and then went to a great party put on by my Mother’s group. The Taco guy was awesome-fresh tacos with rice, beans,cilantro (u know u love it Meems) and mystery meat for those who wished. The desserts were even better-smores bars, key lime pie and FRESH CHHURROS!

There were kiddie pools galore and toddlers toddling. Babies crying and a pony shaped pinata.

It was an action packed weekend!

I might just slip into the bath and enjoy a wee bit more of some R and R.

Life is good.