Hey Everyone!

My little Strawberry Shortcake.

I kinda overloaded my puter with pictures/files/music/emails and it is going to explode. I don’t think my email is working right now at all. Let’s just call it an unintentional media fast.

Not to worry, I have my Mac guy on stand by.

I did manage to get out with the gals last week and go for Sushi.

Just look at those Happy Mamaz.

I have been busy keeping active. My run partner Brenda is so motivated. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 645am. Every morning I check my phone to see if she has texted me that she is sleeping in. Nope, she is very dependable!
I must capture some pics of her on the trails.

My rigorous workout schedule~~ 🙂

Monday-AM Bootcamp/PM Yoga
Tuesday-AM Run
Wed-Boot Camp
Thurs-AM Run/Hike
Friday-Boot Camp
Sun-Long run

I try and keep to this schedule but allow for some rest days. I just listen to my body and when it gets tired , I just take a day off. I like to share my schedule with you guys because then I feel accountable to JUST DO IT! 😛

I have been doing my longer runs on Sunday. Our last 11 miler went very well and our pace is getting faster too, which is nice to see. This weekend we only have an eight miler! Only 3.5 weeks ’till the half mary.

My new goal is to work on abs/arms. I will keep you updated on my six pack. It may turn out to be of the beer variety, but come hell or high water I will obtain one or the other.

I am looking forward to…

Dinner with Canadian friends on Friday

Summer Fiesta Party on Saturday (Taco Lady included)

Girls day out in The City on Sunday-Shopping and Lunch-YAY!

A visit from CAJJ on July 28th

Anyhoo, enough about me…how are you guys?

Remember–drink more water–your cells need it.

Ciao for now.