Good Day Folks.

I think I have a new hobby. Hiking! It is so fun. I’m so glad that Mikey likes it too, so we can “bond” as a family. 😛 Nyuk, nyuk.

Today we set off to a local winery. I heard from my peeps that it was a sweet place to hike and that it has a great tasting room for only 5 bones.

It was only a short drive from here yet it felt like we were far away. I splurged on some local olive oil but passed on the tastings (next time!). It was a wonderful way to spend a sunny Saturday.

Holy Peacock!

Ticks, poison oak and rattlesnakes-OH MY!

Came home to some spinach salad and leftover lasagna bundles. The new olive oil was splendid drizzled on top of it. For the dressing, I just used fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

The bundles were fun to make.


The meal planning went very well last week. It was so nice to have dinner decided ahead of time. I am already planning next week too. This may be the start of something wonderful. I will have to say though, I probably cooked 4/7 of the days and the rest Mikey made something or we just winged it.

By wing it I mean we had something awesome like Gnocchi.

So quick and yummy. Don’t forget the fresh basil!

We might go to our friend’s place today for a dip in their pool. Depending on when sleeping beauty awakes from her nap. We are experimenting with one nap a day. She did have a cat nap on the hike. You know they have the best nap when you want to go out somewhere! Murphy’s law!

Catch ya later Alligators.