Today started out nice and early. A morning run at 645am to get the juices flowing. It was a good one. I had to get home quick after that because today I met some galz from my Mother’s group and went on a hike. I love the hiking back pack we bought. Isabella is so relaxed in it.

Sadly, I was half an hour late for the hike because I got lost. Trust me, I can get lost in a paper bag.

We did a few miles and some BIG hills. Quicksilver Park is very pretty. We saw many dogs and enjoyed the chirping birds amongst the trees. Ah, nature is good. Then we zoomed back on the freeway to get home. 🙂

Tonight is the first session of my 10 km run group. It has been an active day so I’m just being careful to keep hydrated. Also, naps are vital.

Time to squeak in a quick nap before the little one awakes. Wish me luck.