It’s still coolish in this part of the world.
Makes me feel like home.
By cool I mean only one window is open, not two. 🙂

Anyone need cheering up?

Look at this.

I’m not one of those people who thinks little kittens dressed up in sweaters is cute. Nor do I forward pictures of aforementioned kittens. Just saying.

I may or may not have a lot of free time on my hands. Don’t judge. Okay go ahead.

Isabella getting ready for a kiss from Dad.

Sunny days are ahead.

She takes that little dog everywhere. Best kind of pet, no vet bills! Very well behaved.

This is Isabella passed out after we took her to the outlet stores in Gilroy. She literally shopped until she dropped.

You need another recipe? Okay. Since you asked so nice.


~a bunch of sliced mushrooms
~olive oil
~white wine
~soy sauce

I did not measure, just threw in the stuff and oosh-kee-boosh-keed it together.

I think it was David Lebovitz who said soy sauce IS the secret ingredient to many dishes.He was right. He is wise. He also says–

“I’m always surprised when people say that they don’t have time to cook. I mean, aside from reproducing, physiologically, we don’t really exist on this earth for any other reason. (Unless someone knows something that they’re not telling me.) Feeding ourselves is really our most basic human need.

Now if someone said, “I don’t have time to clean up afterward”, then I can totally relate. I spend at least 40% of my life standing in front of a sink, washing dishes. When people ask if they can come and help me test recipes, I always say, “Bring rubber gloves!” And that’s the last I hear from them.”

On that note, it is time for lunch.