Hey there! What’s going on?

We ventured out for a hike today. The sun was out. The birds were chirping.

Our new backpack from REI worked perfect.

Trail Mix

~pumpkin seeds
~sunflower seeds
~choco chips
~dried figs

Afterwards we had some pasta.

After all that outside fun (and during nap time) Target was calling my name. Picked up a sheet pan organizer and other necessities like cliff bars and baby shampoo. I also splurged on a new bag from Burlington Coat Factory. I found one online that I really liked but it was 150 bones! I wanted one that you could wear across your body so you could have hands free. I found one for under 20 bones. Hopefully it does not fall apart after the first time I use it. I will have to model it for you guys soon. πŸ˜›

Soon nap time was done and I came home to give this little curious cub some dinner.

After dinner, bath and fun times playing, the cub went to bed and I stir fried up some tofu tikka masala and veg for dindin. Went well with some healthy brown rice.

Off to watch Brooklyn’s Finest with a glass of wine.

9 miles on the roster for the am…must dig deep.