A mellow day was had by all and very much enjoyed. We dined at Fresh Choice for lunch. All you can eat. 😀 Then went to WF for some aisle perusal. The grocery store is always a fave place to roam. Picked up some fresh ingredients to make risotto. Not just any old risotto, a Jamie recipe. Click here if you are curious.
I used veggie stock instead and it turned out WONDERFUL. Fresh, lemony and minty. A risotto method that I have never tried before.

Cut and chopped.

Squeezed and zested.

We are so lucky to have lemons in our backyard, now that is fresh!

Enjoyed a margarita alongside the stirring of risotto.

It was my first time making one and the Vita did not disappoint!

I forgot to salt the rim! Where is my lost shaker of salt…

Oh and a big highlight of my day was an afternoon nap. 1.5 hours of pure bliss. I swear naps make the world go ’round.

Do you guys nap or not? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind….

A 7 mile run is on the docket for tomorrow am. Gonna go drink some water now. Somehow I don’t think tequila will make me run fast, but you never know.

Catch ya next time!