I survived Hot Yoga. It was quite the experience. Upon entering the building you are hit with a waft that can only be sweaty bodies. Yipes! The staff were really nice and I signed up for 10 days for 20 dollars.

The class was 90 minutes long and the temperature was 104 degrees. I have never known sweating until this class. Hot, drippy sweat pouring off of you. It did not make me feel sick as I had feared or woozy. Actually, I quite liked it. You just need to make sure you are adequately hydrated. Your clothes are drenched when you finish, like you were swimming! Not for the faint of heart, but I think I would go again. It is so close to my home and for me convenience is a big thing.

Mikey and I went out on a date tonight. To all you married folk…I suggest it…dating is fun. 😛

Here we are contemplating life.

I really liked how my MAC makeup accentuated my eyes. :>)

Today was a big day if you are a one year old.
First haircut!

Looking forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend. Hopefully I can convince Mikey to watch Avatar with me. He says it isn’t his kinda show. 🙂
Since it is Father’s Day Weekend I guess he should pick the movie. Or we will go to the park instead.

Or we will sit in the toy box.

And remember, if you spill salt…always throw it over your shoulder!

We went to Rock Bottom Pub for dinner. The menu was meaty beaty big and bouncy so I ordered three sides. French fries, slaw and veggies. Alongside a beer it was the perfect meal. Mikey had jambalaya.

My eyes are like piss holes in the snow, it is time for me to go.