Hello there! What’s up?

Woke up to pancakes and coffee this morning-divine!

Last night I ran 5 miles with the group in 90 degree weather. Wow, I forgot how warm it gets here. Next time I will bring water, there were fountains along the way but it is nice to be prepared. Word has spread around town that we get free beer and food after the runs. When we got back all the pitchers were empty. Guess I will just have to run faster next time.

I popped in to Trader Joe’s after my run to pick up a few essentials and a homeless looking man with what appeared to be one glass eyeball followed me in like a lost puppy dog. I told him I did not have any money to give him and he asked me if I would buy him some food. How could I not?? I guess since I’m telling you this, it does not really count as a random act of humble kindness, but my heart did go out to him. He looked me in the eye and said “I’m starving!” Poor guy. Hope he enjoyed his mushroom stroganoff and juice, I would have gone for the eggplant parm–I told him that as he scuttled out of the store. 😛

In other random tidbits, my left eye has been twitchy for about a week! What the heck? Does anyone have experience with this annoying symptom? I probably need more chocolate in my life.

I am happy to announce that GAME 7 is tonight!! I will be jumping on the band wagon and streaming the game online. We have been enjoying our lack of cable but for stuff like this it would be nice.


I have a coffee date with a friend later tonight after the kidlets are asleep. I think we are gonna go to WF for a drink and a dessert.

Tomorrow I will be trying Hot Yoga, I am a little scared but after my run last night how bad could it be? I am trying to drink lots of water now in preparation. What should I wear-fitted clothes or loose? Anyone know?

And now for some pictures of my kid..

Toast apron courtesy of cousin JB and BB. So cute!

Back yards are fun!

Isabella sporting one of her car shirts.

Monster baby, how did you get so tall?

Location back yard.

Look at those chompers!

Four lovely white chic-lets.

Sitting in the sunlight under the lemon tree nibbling on zest.

Isabella and her friend Claire at the park.
Photograph courtesy of Kimberly.

Take it easy out there!