The other night I was going off about how great my run group is. You meet up at a local pub, run a few miles and then get served free food and beer. The local running store sponsors it. How can this be true? I know, I know. We had soft pretzels with sea salt and cheese dip. We had nachos too- the best I have ever had! Cold beer after a run is sublime. I’m usually not much of a beer drinker but lately I have been enjoying the wheat ales.

After I had some nachos at the pub I knew I had to recreate them at home for Mikey.

Guacamole and sour cream included. Don’t forget the hot peppers!

To balance the snacks…

I made some Fannetastic Food granola bars the other day. They turned out really good. Chewy!

No oven required!

I have not been getting sick of roasted veggies yet, they are so versatile.

In other news…

Mikey and I are going on a mini road trip. He has a track day at Laguna Seca on Monday, so we decided to make a mini break out of it. I just booked our hotel with a separate living suite for the kid. We will bring along our portable play pen and voila–everyone will get a good night’s sleep–fingers crossed! πŸ˜›

I just finished unpacking my bag, I guess I gotta get it out again and start my list. I can’t wait to take the kid in the pool at the hotel and maybe for a seaside walk/run.

As for tonight, I’m hoping to drag my sorry a@# to the gym. I need to start using it once in awhile or cancel my membership. I get a stellar deal through Mikey’s work but if I don’t use it, there is no point. We will see. My goal is to go tonight and try it out. Even if I went once a week it would be worth it. $$
Wish me luck.

Have a great Thursday out there, wherever u may be.