Race Day Preparation Rule #1<—————

Always get running paraphernalia ready the night before.

Especially if you have to get up at 4am to get there on time.
My friend’s sister drives a cab and she offered to drop us off near the start line. We will catch the train back after we have lunch in The City. 🙂

I found the perfect CamelBak with a couple pockets to hold water, snacks and essentials i.e cash, cards. Hopefully it is comfy enough to run with for an hour–I have no other choice. I will miss Mikey and Isabella, who are usually my support team. They are staying back to avoid the chaos that will be SF tomorrow.

Rewind to earlier…
It was a good day. Hung out with the fam. Went for a walk to get a fresh loaf.

Picked up a motivational magazine to read before bed.

Scarfed down veggie burgers for lunch. The pickle, olives, and onions made it.

Isabella enjoyed her burger too, in little bites.

Saw some not-so subliminal messages.

Invested in some new Asics Landreths.

Roasted more veggies for dinner. So, so good. Served with a balsamic reduction inspired by CAJJ.

Now night has fallen and it is time for bed. My pillow is calling my name…

Alarm is set for 4am–DOH!