We had a nice day yesterday. Uncle Lloyd and I walked to the grocery store and bought some lasagna ingredients. It was a good dinner.

My brother joined me for my 5km run group last night. It sure was fun to see him run! I would love for all of my brothers to come down for a destination race some day. Sound fun guys? Who is in?

I would like to do a sub 30 minute time for my 5 km on May 8th. Time will tell. I have been watching Jack for inspiration.

I have been a bit obsessed with watching old Jack Lalanne videos, he was ahead of his time! 😛

The baby was crying for a very long time last night at 3am!! DOH! Since I was awake I watched The Royal Wedding. I kept thinking they were gonna crack up laughing. Made for a tired morning.

I was proud of myself for making it to BBC today after a long night. Sometimes, you gotta push yourself.

For lunch today we cruised over to The Mothership for lunch with Mikey. It is always fun bringing guests for a tour of the Main Campus.

Tonight is ladies night! A few of us gals are going out to see Water for Elephants and then dinner afterwards. Hopefully I can stay awake. I may nap now while the little one is snoozing, gotta get it while you can.

Off to Alcatraz tomorrow, should be an interesting adventure!