One sleep until Uncle Lloydie graces us with his presence.
We are looking forward to hanging out with him. On Saturday we will venture to Alcatraz! I have been before, but that was over 20 years ago! Can’t wait. Should be fun.

This past week I have been laying low and recovering from my dental surgery. It was quite sore for the weekend, but I still managed to get my runs in. Gotta get ready for the Running of the Bulls 5km on Mother’s Day. Actually my mouth felt better when I was running, I guess all the blood was rushing to my leg muscles. 😛
Mikey kept calling me Jay Leno, it was that swollen!

Isabella has been doing well. She is walking up a storm now and is a real pleasure to chase around.

Prunes are good, they keep me reg!

Tried to get an endearing Mother-Daughter shot. No luck.

Top chompers are finally cutting through.

Let’s see, now that I can walk…what should I get into?

I’ll go play outside in my new hat.
Thanks MOJO, all the CUTE clothes fit perfect!! You know how to pick ’em. 🙂

Gotta go watch UP. Netflix rox!!!

Ciao Bella!