This past weekend was a special one. My friend Kirstin came for a visit and brought a birthday present for Isabella.

She loves it!

Since Mikey is Super Dad, we were able to have an entire girls day out on Saturday.

We shopped at Target, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, and many more places.

*For the record, I did not purchase this ginormous lime green bag/purse/suitcase.*

We went for a pedicure and it was very relaxing.

Dinner was at a rockin’ good Sushi restaurant in my ‘hood and dessert was Starbucks. We stretched the day out nice and long and felt tired but refreshed afterwards. It was so nice to spend QT with K.

Isabella liked watching Kirstin’s bracelets jingle. Mixed metals are in, you know? 🙂

On Sunday we went for a walk/run at Rancho San Antonio. One of my fave spots around here. I met up with my run group to do 4 miles of hill trails (epic) and Kirst had her tunes on to do her own route.
I love trail running.
It makes me miss B.C. 😦

Today it was back to the ‘ol routine. Went to Baby Boot Camp for some more running, arm and ab work.

There may or may not be a mountain of laundry to start chipping away at. For now, I shall sit.

Some other random tidbits…

One of my broz will be here in about 10 days. We are going to Alcatraz!

Tomorrow I am going in to get some of my gum removed (ewwww and OUCH!) in prep for another crown. Yep, another one of my teeth cracked and it ain’t lookin’ good for the pocketbook. Good thing we already went shopping.

CIAO for now.